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Homer & Me -  A personalized Story

This book is the world's first personalized drug prevention storybook.  Homer takes your child plus friends to a big league baseball game and along the way they learn about important lessons about setting goals, taking care of their bodies and staying drug free!

Click here to see a sample book. The complete story is given below this page.

Homer & Me

Price $18.95 Book #  540  Hard cover  6 3/4" x 8 1/4"   32 pages  For ages 4-10

 A detailed story of this book is given below.  We guarantee satisfaction so there is no risk when you order our books.

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Homer and Me (Detailed Story)

As you read the story, substitute the underlined information with yours.  This is just a sample, your book will be made using the requested details above.

  • Page 1 - Book Title and illustrations

  • Page 2- More illustrations

  • Page 3 - Homer and Me was created especially for Michael Jeremy Smith at the age of 8, with love from Mom and Dad, November 9 ,2002

  • Page 4 - Dear Mike,

                          Hello!  My name is Homer.  I have created "The S.T.R.I.K.E. FORCE" and invite you to join our team!  Every member of the S.T.R.I.K.E. FORCE has a mission: to hit a "Home Run Against Drugs."  A home run in the game of baseball happens when the batter can go around all the bases and score at home plate during a single play.  They call me "Homer" because I help many children, just like you, to get around the bases and all of the way to home plate.  You will learn some very important lessons in this book and on our website, www.homerunagainstdrugs.com.

                         I hope one day that we can meet.  Until then, please read and enjoy your very own personalized book, which will take you on a storybook tour of a big league baseball game.

                           I played baseball, so I've included some real tips to help you play better baseball! In addition, we have included some lessons to help you become a healthy and successful adult.

                             I hope you enjoy your personalized copy of Homer and Me!  until next time, remember....Be A Slugger....Hit a home Run against drugs!

                                Your friend,


  • Page 5 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 6 - More illustrations
  • Page 7 - Today, Homer couldn't wait for practice to end.  He was heading to Atlanta to meet Mike, Larry, Wayne and Bob after practice!  The bus called the Home Run Express, was already running when he walked out to the parking lot.  "Boy, I hope that Mike is as excited as I am!" thought Homer.  "We are going to a big league game together!  It's going to be fun!"  Meanwhile, Mike was at home waiting with his friends.

Baseball Tip#1:  It is important to stretch slowly before you practice or play.  Give your muscles a chance to warm up, so you don't get hurt!

  • Page 8 - Homer was excited as he pulled up to the house where Mike was waiting.  Mike wasn't alone. In fact, half of the neighborhood was there to meet Homer!  "These are my friends, Larry, Wayne and Bob, " said Mike.  "I invited them as my special guests.

        "That's great!" Homer said, "the more the merrier!"

        After Homer met everyone, Mike, Larry, Wayne and Bob got on the Home Run Express together. 

        "We'll see you after the game," said Mike as he waved to his friends and family.  "Look for us on TV!"

S.T.R.I.K.E. FORCE Lesson One:  You are important!  There is only one person like you.  You are special!  Always do your best and feel good about yourself!

  • Page 9 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 10 - More illustrations
  • Page 11 - After everyone had buckled up, Mike asked, "Homer, what are all of these neat posters on the wall of your bus?"

    "I'm glad you noticed," homer replied.  "These are posters of my program.  'Hit A home Run Against Drugs.'  the posters help to remind kids to stay away from things that can keep them from reaching their goals."

"What kind of things?" asked Mike.

"Bad things, like drugs that can hurt your body," replied Homer.  "My goal is to help you make good choices and stay drug-free!"

Baseball Tip #2:  When you start to play catch, start slowly.  It's not about how hard you can throw, but it's about getting your arm loose.

  • Page 12 - During the bus ride, Homer and the children shared baseball stories.  Some of the children told Homer they had already played on a baseball team.  suddenly, Woodie the driver's voice blared over the speaker, "Homer, we are at the stadium!"

        "Hooray!" yelled Mike, Larry, Wayne and Bob "Let's go!"

        As they walked closer, Mike was amazed at the size of the stadium.  "I never realized it was so BIG!" said Mike.

        "WOW!" said Larry, Wayne and Bob.  "Now this is a ball park!"

        "It sure is," said Homer.  "It's a great place to work too!  It takes a lot of people to put on a baseball game."

        S.T.R.I.K.E. FORCE Lesson Two:  A goal is something that you want to achieve.  It is important to set a goal!  It will help you to make good choices in your life and to be the best you can be!

  • Page 13 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 14 - More illustrations
  • Page 15 - At the stadium, a nice lady met them at the gate.  "Hello Homer," she said.  "Who are your friends?"

        "This is Mike, Larry, Wayne and Bob, and they are my special guests today," said Homer.

        "Nice to meet you," said the lady.  "You're in for a special treat today."  Then she gave everyone a colorful pass to wear around their necks.  "This will allow you to visit special places in our stadium," she said.

        "And meet people too," said Homer.  Everyone thanked the lady as they walked into the stadium.

        "Have a good time!" she said

        "We will," replied Mike, as they headed towards the field.

Baseball Tip #3: The secret to being a good hitter is to be comfortable.  What works for you is what you should do!  Also, keep your eye on the ball!  You can't hit what you can't see!

  • Page 16 - The kids were amazed at how neatly manicured the baseball field looked "Now that is the nicest baseball field I have ever seen!"  said Mike.

        "The people who work on the field do a good job," said Homer.  "They are called groundskeepers, and you will see them run out on the field and smooth things out during the game.  Would you like to go down on the field?" asked Homer.

        "Sure!" said Mike.

        "To the field we go!" said Homer.

        As they walked towards the field, another security officer asked to see the special pass the lady had given them.

        "Watch out for flying balls," he said, "and have fun!"

S.T.R.I.K.E. FORCE Lesson 3: Take care of yourself!  Eat healthy foods and exercise!  This helps you to grow strong and healthy like HOMER!

  • Page 17 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 18 - More illustrations
  • Page 19 - It was still a long while before the start of the game, but fans were already filling the stadium seats.  The players from both teams were already in their uniforms and warming up for today's game.

        "Batting practice starts in five minutes," said Homer

        "That will be fun to watch," said Mike

        Once the players started hitting, they noticed a few balls were flying over the outfield fence.

        "That one went a long way," said Mike.  "Maybe one day I can hit one that far!"

        "Sure you can," said Homer.  "If you practice and take good care of yourself, you can do anything!"

Baseball Tip #4: Hustle! Hustling is playing hard, running fast, and giving your best every time you play!  baseball's All-Time Hits Leader, Pete Rose, was nicknamed "Charlie Hustle"!

  • Page 20 - Just then, one of the players walked over and asked Homer if he would like to visit the players' clubhouse.

        "My friend would like to take you on a tour of the clubhouse, Mike.  Would you like to go?

        "Sure we would!" said Mike.  "My goal is to be a ball player someday!  So if I'm going to be a big league player, I need to see the clubhouse."  Off they went!

S.T.R.I.K.E. FORCE Lesson 4: Stay away from things that can hurt your body.  Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are not good for you!  remember...it's your body, and it's your choice!

  • Page 21 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 22- More illustrations
  • Page 23 - "The clubhouse is where we get ready for the game," said the player.  "We have healthy foods to eat, we stretch, and we  go over our line up for the game."

        "Boy, I wish we had a clubhouse," said Mike.  After the clubhouse tour, Homer, Mike, Larry, Wayne and Bob thanked the player for his time. 

        "Can I have your autograph?" asked Mike

        "Sure!" said the player as he grabbed a baseball.  "Here's one for your friends."

        "Thanks, and have a good game!" said Mike as they headed to their seats.

        "Hey, you got a signed baseball!" said Homer.

        "Did you hear what he said about healthy foods?  That means no bad drugs or alcohol either."

Baseball Tip #5: Be a team player!  If someone has a rough game, let him or her know it's okay!  Everyone should play hard and do his or her best.  Remember....there's no "I" in "Team"!

  • Page 24 - Now the game was on.  Bottom of the first, a single, a bunt, a pop fly out, and a double play on a grounder to the short stop.

        Mike, Larry, Wayne and Bob enjoyed a hot dog and some peanuts.  "Wow, this is exciting!" said Mike.  Between innings, Homer would go onto the field and entertain the fans.  He sure knew how to make the crowd laugh!  During the game, Homer also autographed baseballs for all of the other kids he met.

        As the game continued, there were more exciting plays.  A single, a triple, and all of the sudden it was a tie score at the bottom of the ninth and final inning.

        Finally, the player they met smacked a home run to win the game!

        "Homer sure is fun to be with," said Larry, Wayne and Bob

        "He sure is!" said Mike.  "I am having a great time!"

S.T.R.I.K.E. FORCE Lesson 5: Make the right choice!  remember, it's your body...it's your choice!  You can say "No" if you know something is wrong or can hurt you!  Always do what's best for you!

  • Page 25 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 26 - More illustrations
  • Page 27 - After the game, everyone piled back into the Home Run Express for the ride home.  "What a great game," said Mike.  "Thanks, Homer."

        "You're welcome!"  Homer replied.  "Every player you saw today was in top shape and played a great game.  Our favorite team won today, but they would not have won if all of the players had gotten dizzy and sick from unhealthy habits.  These players know that drugs are bad and have the right to say "no" to taking them.  They made the right choice!"

Baseball Tip #6: Talk to your teammates.  Call the ball!  saying "I got it" lets your teammates know that you can make the play.  It also keeps you from running into each other!

  • Page 28 - As the bus pulled back into the neighborhood, everyone was waving and cheering.  They were excited!  As the door opened, everyone had a question for Mike.  "Did you have fun?" "Did you get a hotdog?" "Did you get an autograph?"

        "Yes, Yes and Yes!" replied Mike.  "We have a surprise for you.  You all get to go inside the Home Run Express and get your own Home Run Against Drugs stickers.  Don't forget to look at all of the cool posters!"

        "Some people weren't able to go on this trip or be at he ball game today, because they lost their freedom," said Homer.  "Their bad habits with drugs got them into trouble with the law.  I was so proud that all of you could make the trip!"

S.T.R.I.K.E. FORCE Lesson 6:  When you make bad choices, bad things can happen.  Staying away from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco is a good choice, and it's the right choice!

  • Page 29 - Picture illustrations
  • Page 30 - More illustrations
  • Page 31 - Mike now realized it was time for Homer to say good-bye.  "I hope you had a good time and learned a lot today, Mike," said Homer

        "I did.  Thank you for everything," replied Mike.

        "Remember," said Homer, "Take care of yourself, work hard, and stay healthy.  Then one day, maybe you can be in the Big Leagues!"

        "Mike, Homer, Larry, Wayne and Bob had spent a great day together.  They had learned about baseball.  They had made some new friends.  They also had learned how important it is to follow all the advice from the S.T.R.I.K.E. FORCE

        As Homer stepped onto the bus, he turned waved good-bye, and said, "Thanks for a great day Mike, and remember...

        Be A Slugger...Hit A Home run against Drugs!"

Baseball Tip #7: Have Fun! Playing sports is supposed to be fun!  Practice hard, do your best, and you will always be a true winner! 

Page 32 - This is an empty page, left blank for autographs

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