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Santa's Story - Personalized

This is the story of Christmas, as told by Santa himself.  In this story Santa tells your child:

  • What he looks like

  • What he wears

  • The types of toys he brings to children's homes

  • About the special night when peace and goodwill fill people's hearts

  • About the great book, the Bible, and asks your child to one day take a look

  • That peace and great joy come from Christ and not just from a toy

  • To hang their stockings by the chimney with care!

  • Click here to see a sample finished book

A full sample story is given below this page. Here is the book cover and 2 sample page illustrations.

Sample Page Illustration

Book Cover

Sample Page Illustration

 $18.95 Book#521    Hard Cover 6 1/2" x 8 "  35 pages  Ages 3-9

Please include the following information on the order form:-

  • Book number

  • Child's name

  • Child's gender

  • Child's age

  • Note: This book does not use friends

  • Hometown

  • Name of person giving the book

  • Dedication

  • Date the book is given

  • Favorite toy on Christmas day  Note: This Santa story book has a line about a favorite toy on X-Mas (see page 7 below).  For girls we print dolls and for boys we print trains.  This item could not be changed before and therefore it is not listed on the order form.  With the current software however, we can change it for you.  So if you would like your story to have a different toy please let us know under special order instructions - you will find this space before you submit your order.  You may also add a special message in this space like "Merry Christmas" or similar, not more than 5 words and we print it at no extra charge.

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The Detailed Santa Story

As you read the story substitute the underlined information with yours.  This is just a sample, your book will be made using the requested details above.

  • Page 1 - Book Title and illustrations

  • Page 2 - More illustrations

  • Page 3 - Santa's Story was created especially for Jessica Ann Smith at the age of 6, with love from, Mommy and Daddy, December 25, 2009

  • Page 4 - 'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

  • Page 5 - Illustrations

  • Page 6 -More illustrations

  • page 7 - Jessica in her nightshirt settled into bed, while visions of dolls danced in her head.

  • Page 8 - You've heard this before, this story's not new.  I've added a twist, your name's in here too.

  • Page 9 - Illustrations

  • Page 10 - More illustrations

  • Page 11- I'm jolly and round and I wear a red suit, I visit each home with a sled filled with loot.

  • Page 12 - And what is this loot that I bring in my sled?  Simply toys, like dolls, and balls that are red.  There are clothes and shoes and candy canes pink, and then there's some coal for the bad kids, I think.

  • Page 13 - Illustrations

  • Page 14 - More illustrations

  • Page 15 - Some say that I'm Santa, some say I'm a fad, some folks even say I look just like your dad.

  • Page 16 - But one thing's for certain on this special night, the world stops its churning and pushing its might.

  • Page 17 - Illustrations

  • Page 18 - More illustrations

  • Page 19 - The smokestacks are turned off, the workers go home, machines become silent from Atlanta to Rome.

  • Page 20 - Up in the sky, late at night there's a glow, where a special star twinkled many years ago.

  • Page 21 - Illustrations

  • Page 22 - More illustrations

  • Page 23 - Peace and goodwill fill our hearts from the light.  Mary gave birth to Baby Jesus that night.

  • Page 24- Wise men brought gifts, they came from afar, they found their way there, they followed the star.  The rest of the story is told in a book called the Bible, it's great, one day take a look.

  • Page 25 - Illustrations

  • Page 26 - More illustrations

  • Page 27 - Now onward and upward I'll sail through the night.  I'm till the tradition of what's good and what's right.

  • Page 28 - And because you'll get presents, I know Christmas Day will not be forgotten as you laugh and you play.  But remember the reason for peace and great joy, it comes from our Christ, and not just from a toy.

  • Page 29 - Illustrations

  • Page 30 - More illustrations

  • Page 31 - So, Jessica, hang your stockings by the chimney with care, don't worry about me, I'll still be there.

  • Page 32- I'll munch on the snacks, drink the milk that you leave, I do it each year the same time, Christmas Eve.

  • Page 33 - Illustrations

  • Page 34 - More illustrations

  • Page 35 - My reindeer are ready, the time is just right.  Go to sleep now, Jessica, Merry Christmas, Good Night! 


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