Grow Your Business

What you need to grow your business

1- Getting fast traffic to your page/offer:

If you would like to get quick traffic to your offer, you could use solo ads.  You will have to choose  the kind of traffic (e.g.from which country) and you have to provide a page where they will send the traffic (clicks).  You could spend as little as $50.00 to start.

Here I recommend Udimi. Make sure you are buying from someone with good reviews.

There is no free trial but you could just try buying for example 100 clicks and see the results first.  You get reports and see who clicked and which country they are from.

Try it out here.  Below are sellers you could buy from.  Just search for these names on the web site.

They publish names of the best sellers every month.

The current names are:

  1. Daniel Huppertz
  2. Desmond Akil Smith
  3. Stanislava
  4. William Mcrea

2- E-mail marketing:

You need to have an e-mail list of subscribers who you communicate to regularly.  You are also able to create automated follow-up e-mails which makes your work much easier. Just choose when you want the e-mails to be sent. Here I recommend 2 service providers. They both have a free trial period, you could actually try out both and see which one you prefer.

  1. AWeber:  I use AWeber and what I like most about this company is their customer support.  If you need help, just give them a call. Just start a free trial with them here and see if you like what they provide.
  2. GetResponse: I started a trial here too but then I ended up going with AWeber.  I hear good things about this company especially when you are at a higher level of e-mail marketing.  The pricing is lower too. You can start a free trial here and then make a choice when the trial is over.

3- Tracking clicks, conversions, sales, etc.

To be able to know which traffic methods are benefiting your business, you will need to track the results. You want to know where your customers are coming from, or not coming from.  The company I recommend for this tracking is Clickmagick. They track all clicks, conversions, sales so it’s easy for you to know which traffic methods are benefiting your business so you make changes accordingly. They offer a free trial too, here. I use this company and they do a great job especially by counting only unique clicks. You will see the flagged clicks (no double counting).

4- Create Landing pages, Sales funnels, Squeeze pages, Capture pages

This page is the one where a short introduction is given about the product/service and then an e-mail is requested to be able to view the details of the offer.  You need this to capture the e-mails of anyone viewing your offer.  This is how you grow your e-mail list.

The company I use and recommend is Clickfunnels. 

Depending on what you do, you can create many funnels for different products/services or  just to test which funnel converts best.  Clickmagick above will help you with the tracking. See Clickfunnels free trial here.

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