Make Money Selling Other People’s Products

You may proceed straight to the video here but it would be best to read the notes below first. As the video is playing you will be able to proceed to join us any time, if you choose.

Welcome to this page.  My name is Sherifa.  My passion is to live a purposeful life but also share everything I learn and know with others.

On this page I would like to introduce to you a step-by-step system specifically designed for you to make money selling other people’s products.  You may already be familiar with affiliate marketing.

You start from 0 to $10,000 then move on to the second level of $100,000.  Depending on your goals you can choose to continue on to the higher levels.

Here are the advantages of this system:
  • Work from home or anywhere else. Everything is done online
  • Step-by-step means all you do is watch and implement
  • This new system has been examined by lawyers. It follows Federal Trade commission (FTC )rules. It was upgraded from a previous system to make sure everything is FTC compliant
  • There is support 24 hours a day, plus a Facebook group so you communicate with other members using the system.
  • You don’t come up with products to sell, they are in the system, plus other multiple sources of income on top of the core products.  But you could promote any product you want.
  • It’s all about achieving big goals.  The beginning goal is always to start from 0 to $10,000.  After you do that then you decide what your next goal is.  You set other BIG goals for your life in general too. If you start this, your thinking will never be the same. That one is a guarantee, only if you don’t do your part. You will need at least an hour a day from your 24 hours devoted to this, anytime you choose.
  • If you start today, your first session will be on its way.  By session 10 everything will be set up ready to start selling.  If you do all your steps within 2 weeks you will be experiencing REAL CHANGE. Remember if the system is not for you, just stop anytime.
  • Another advantage to some of you who care, this is halal income.  You earn your 30% clean commissions from halal products, many of them are digital.
  • Let me mention here the benefit you get of learning how to use your subconscious mind!  For me this has already created results.  You learn how to attract what you want and I just got a brand new car (Ford Edge 2018).  You may see a picture of me standing next to it on my Instagram page  @honestsoulsincome. It came faster than I thought possible!  Come join the program today, and by day 3 you will be learning things only rich people know.

Here is a link to the introductory video. There is a short video and then a more detailed one.  You sign up on that page. See you on the inside.  Remember if you choose to try this system out, you have 30 days to cancel but the good thing is that it will not take long for you to know if it’s for you or not.  So go ahead and see the details here.