Great Books

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On this page we recommend books that will help you grow as a person. Follow what these books teach and your life will be positively impacted. They are available as e-books and also in audio form. You choose which version you prefer.

1-Think And Grow Rich: You may have heard of this book.  If you can Master what is taught here, chances are soon you will not be doing things the way you do them now.  You learn what the rich people already know! Click on the title to see what others say about this great book.
2-Rich Dad Poor Dad: This is a popular one too. You will find it more interesting if you still believe in working for someone else.  See why you should be thinking of other ways to create wealth. For those who are already independent, please check the next title – Cash flow quadrant

3- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Learn how to be an effective leader. Read the reviews and see what others say about it.

4- The Cash flow Quadrant: See the difference between an Employee, being Self employed, being a Business owner, or an Investor. See what makes you finally financially independent.

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