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The Order Form - For Mail Orders

Please note that all special occasion books and  the new born baby books require extra information, as noted on each book description page, which cannot be directly entered on this general order form.  Therefore, use the order form only for the general information and put the extra information on a separate sheet . Submit it with the completed order form by mail or fax. The address and fax numbers are given at the bottom of this page.  Click here if you need to go to the book titles and see the required information again.

Your Name

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Child's First Name

Child's Middle Name

Child's Last Name

Child's Age

Boy             Girl         Please Check one

Child's Home Town

Child's Friend #1

Child's Friend #2

Child's Friend#3

Name of Person giving the book

Date the book is given

"From"           "With Love from"  (Please Check one)

Name of Teacher (Ballerina Princess & School Fun book)

Name of School (school fun book, Easter Pageant & My first day at school)

Mom    Dad    Mom & Dad  (My first day at school & Little one)

Street Address (Mother Goose)

Partner's name  (Fishing, Camping Adventure)

Recital Guests (Ballerina Princess)

New Baby's Name (Sibling Book)

New Baby's Sex (Sibling Book)

Child's Grade (Easter Pageant)

Sports Event (Sports Book)

Name of Coach (Sports Book)

Favorite Team (Hockey Hero)

Favorite Golf Course (Golf Adventure)

Birth date (My Birthday Wish/Surprise)

Remember to submit the extra information required if you are ordering the newborn baby books or special occasion books.  Click here if you need to see the required information again.

Summary Of Your Order

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$70.00 and up = $13.95

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Payment may be done by check, money order or credit card.  Make checks payable to Honest Souls, Inc..  We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express cards.  If paying by credit card please provide the details below.

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